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phase 2

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limited number of free-hold industrial sites in a secure park from

R650 / meter

excluding VAT

*Phase 3: Landing 2022

An Overview

Welcome to Hammarsdale Industrial Park

Hammarsdale Industrial Park (HIP) is a natural extension to the existing Hammarsdale Industrial precinct and offers manufacturing, warehousing and logistics businesses in particular, an affordable and attractive location to consider expanding or relocating to. On completion of all envisaged phases, HIP will offer over 400000 SQM of industrial platform space for small, medium and large businesses. The zoning will enable owners to build up to 6 stories high with a 70% coverage and an FAR of 1.4.

The Hammarsdale Industrial Project is supported by the eThekwini Development unit since its inclusion into the Local Area Plan. 

eThekwini has pegged Hammarsdale/Cato-Ridge as one of  the three catalytic development Node’s for KZN with HIP being one of the primary and most advanced projects in the catalytic node. This classification has provided Hammarsdale with significant infrastructure investment from the eThekwini, SOE’s and other government entities into roads, waste water, power, public transport etc, all of which have a direct benefit to HIP.

HIP offers fully serviced, platformed and un-platformed freehold subdivisions for sale. These serviced sites are all within a secured industrial estate. Owners will need to abide by the parks Property Owners Association design and building regulations. No time frames are imposed on purchasers to develop their free hold site, which reduces short term financial and planning constraints and provides opportunity for investors to benefit from substantial capital appreciation on their investment as the development matures.

Official Conveyancers

Stowell & Co

For legal questions, contact Macdonald Chitja or Neil Painter for assistance.

295 Pietermaritz Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3201

Conveyancing/Commercial: 033 342 8840
Agency Conveyancing: 033 342 8863
Bonds: 033 345 4519
Litigation: 033 394 8145
Debt Recoveries: 033 394 5643
Insolvencies/Liquidations/Estates: 033 342 2976

Official Architects

MCA Millenium Consortum

MCA Architects are the lead architects for the Hammarsdale Industrial Park, and will be overseeing the design committee for the Development. With a diverse portfolio behind them, MCA aim to bring life into the Development through creativity, functionality and rational insights at all levels.

For more information, view their Company Brochure here.

A Proud Supporting Member of

Hammarsdale Cato Ridge Development Association (HCRDA)

The HCRDA works to advance Hammarsdale and Cato Ridge as a desirable place to work and live, thereby supporting growth, employment and transformation.

Fraserwood, 2 Fraser Road, Assagay, Durban, 3624

The HCRDA is a coordinated, cooperative approach to area development led by firms to address shared challenges.

Many challenges in Hammarsdale and Cato Ridge are significant and shared by firms and the community
including education, work, infrastructure, safety and environmental issues.

Alone the challenges are often overwhelming. Collaboration is essential if meaningful change is to be delivered.

As featured in

“I enjoy immense peace and joy coming home to beauty that flows and merges effortlessly with nature.”




HIP consists of 4 sites developed over 3 phases

Phase 1: Launching 2020

NOW AVAILABLE to early investors

Phase 2: Launching 2022

Phase 3: closed for investment

Colour Map

Hammarsdale, the place for business on the corridor

Locality of Hammarsdale Industrial Park

Situated inland from Durban CBD, HIP is approximately 28 km west of Pinetown, before Camperdown and accessible via the N3 and MR385 road, from both the Hammarsdale and Cato Ridge interchanges. The sites are approximately 6km’s off the N3 and 3km’s from the new Keystone development which is housing the new MR Price and Ackerman’s distributions centres. Infrastructure and transportation systems are already linked and easily available to boost primary investment in industrial development. The site’s location in relation to the surrounding road network enjoys good accessibility in terms of local as well as regional access roads.

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