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Welcome to Hammarsdale Industrial Park

The Hammarsdale Industrial Park is the most fundamentally sound industrial development opportunity on the N3 corridor and particularly in the increasingly sought after Outer West node.
This Outer West node (Cato Ridge & Hammarsdale) has been earmarked by the Ethekwini as one of the three catalytic development nodes in the Metro, with the other two nodes being on the North and South coasts.

There are currently severe constraints on available services, as well as extended time frames involved in obtaining planning approvals, securing environmental authorisations, water use license applications, amongst numerous other regulatory approvals necessary before any development can begin. The fundamentals pertaining to all aspects of the development process from service availability to planning approvals are of the upmost importance and H.I.P is one of the few opportunities that has these fundamentals in place.


Few if any other new projects of this size and nature along the corridor have all the pre-requisites in place for a development green light within the next 3 -5 years, minimum.

The planning for this project has been under way for over 3 years with Phase 1 expected to hit the market mid 2020 and Phase 2 towards the later end of 2021 with all zoning, regulatory approvals and services in place.

The H.I.P will be comprised of serviced, freehold, Light and General Industry zoned sites of various sizes ranging from 3500 sqm – 30,000 sqm in Phase 1 and 10,000 – 60,000 sqm in Phase 2. 

The development will be managed by a Property Owners Association comprised of and directed by the owners themselves.


The park is surrounded by more than 200Ha of extensive DMOSS/Eco sensitive environments and hence owners/tenants will be encouraged to adopt an eco approach to not only the development of their new facilities, but also how the Park will be operated. This will manifest itself through:

  • Property Owners Association stewardship and oversight of the surrounding conservancy zone.
  • Internal green areas and verges landscaped with indigenous
  • Energy-efficient building designs
  • Storm water storage and recycling
  • Solar power and hot water
  • Efficient, recycling orientated waste management protocols and systems
  • Eco friendly building designs and materials
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