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The Hammarsdale Industrial Park will be a fully secured park, with 24/7 security access control at the main gate with armed response in the event it is needed.A 3km boundary wall, 2.0m in height, currently being constructed with an electrified fence split into zones for accurate security response. Patrols on a dedicated track following the boundary wall. CCTV cameras will be installed at the gate house and strategic positions on the internal road network for the benefit of all operators in the park.Strict controls for vehicle and pedestrian access will be instituted.



Access to the application sites are to be directly off Kelly Road. Kelly Road provides direct access to MR385 which in turns connects directly with the N3 national freeway. Kelly Road is a Class 4 road. A Traffic Impact Assessment undertaken notes that the negative impacts identified are minimal and are confined to Kelly Road and the Mthoko Mkhize Drive (P385) intersection, at the ultimate development, to include some minor upgrades to the intersection.

 Ethekwini roads provisions are currently upgrading the MR385 and have future plans to upgrade this intersection as well. The Improvement of Kelly road extension will enhance local linkages between Mpumalanga and adjoining areas, including strengthening local connectivity, road linkages and access to public transport hubs, local community facilities, and employment opportunities.



The Hammarsdale water Reservoir has a capacity for the development. A 100mmØ watermain is located to the north of the development along Kelly Road. The future proposed development has the potential to connect to the municipal water and will be adequate for the proposed development.



Electricity is supplied by ESKOM. All services are currently available for sites Phase 1 & Phase 2 and supply will continue as normal. The elemental electrical power loading calculation for the development is approximately 2300 kVA. Based on the current on site electrical supply of 500 kVA the development will require an additional 1800 kVA for the entire development power loading requirement. An official Eskom application for an additional 1800 kVA has been applied for.


public transport

The sites are served by Kelly Road. There is a taxi rank situated at the corner of Mthoko Mkize Drive and Kelly Road. The N3 and the MR385 are major public transport routes within the area carrying both private bus services and mini-bus taxis.


refuse removal

The Hammarsdale Transfer Station has sufficient bulk solid waste disposal capacity to service the development. The municipality’s cleaning and solid waste removal department provides a refuse removal services in the area. The current normal domestic refuse collection services to the sites will continue.


sewage disposal

The respective service departments from eThekwini Municipality are the responsible service providers for sewage disposal and water. The sewer reticulation from the development will tie into an existing HAMMARSDALE treatment works a short distance (500m) to the north of the sites. The municipality has confirmed that there is adequate capacity at the works.


storm water drainage

The Sterkspruit River is the distinct drainage path bordering the site. The area has relatively steep river valleys with fast flowing water courses and it is not anticipated that flooding will be a serious problem in the area. Storm water from roofed and paved areas will be led in a controlled manner to an attenuation facility to an engineer’s detail and then piped off site to an existing formal storm water connection.

On site attenuation will be used to attenuate the post-development runoff to pre- development.
Where storm water is collected from the roadways and piped to the valleys attenuation chambers will be constructed. Erosion protection will be provided at all discharge points.

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